Come to NSSN 2017 Annual Conference July 1st in London

2017 National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) Conference: 11am-4.30pm Saturday July 1st in Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL. £6 fee

Mixed Fleet lobby of Parliament Feb 7
Unite Mixed Fleet lobby of Parliament Feb 7


Time to fight back against the Tory Cuts and their anti-union laws!

The fightback has started. The bosses and the Tories hailed record low strike figures in 2015 but are now hysterical about ‘union power’ as workers increasingly take action against cuts and attacks on living standards.  RMT members are striking against train companies like Southern Rail who have been backed up by the government to the tune of £20 million. Unite members in Heathrow walked out because they are so low paid, some have to sleep in their cars because they can’t afford the fuel to drive home between shifts. Public sector workers are angry about attacks on them in the NHS, councils, education and office closures and redundancies in the civil service. In the last 12 months, we have seen the most precarious workers in the ‘gig economy’ on strike in Deliveroo and Uber.

2016 NSSN Conference
2016 NSSN Conference

The Tories’ response – bring in more anti-union measures in their new Trade Union Act. Why? Because they know that the unions with still over 6 million members, if given a fighting lead are the most powerful obstacle to their cuts and the profits of their big business backers. The NSSN has a proud record of campaigning for the maximum joint action by the unions, including a 24 hour general strike that we believe could push back and even kick out a weak Tory government. We demand that the TUC implement the policy passed at last September’s TUC Congress that they organise a special conference to discuss resisting the Trade Union Act.

But we’re not waiting for that to happen. As usual, the NSSN Conference on July 1st (our 11th) is open to all trade union and anti-cuts campaigners. It is a forum to discuss and debate how we take on the Tories, their cuts and anti-union law as well as supporting workers in struggle.

The NSSN was initiated by the RMT and their former general secretary the late Bob Crow in 2006. Nine national unions officially support our campaigning work, as well as many union branches, shop stewards committees and trades councils.

Speakers include: Len McCluskey Unite General Secretary (invited), Ronnie Draper BFAWU General Secretary, Steve Gillan POA General Secretary, Chris Baugh PCS Assistant General Secretary, Sean Hoyle RMT President, Linda Taaffe NSSN National Secretary, Rob Williams NSSN National Chair

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