PRESS RELEASE – Union members to lobby TUC to name the date for a general strike

A union rank and file organisation will be lobbying the TUC General Council on April 24th for the TUC to name the date for a 24 hour general strike against the ConDem austerity offensive. As the Financial Times reports today (‘Unions split over call for 24 hour general strike’ – April 3rd), the leaders of the trade unions will be meeting this month to discuss the idea of a general strike. The National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) welcomes this debate but will be calling for them to set a date for such mass action. The NSSN organised a 1000-strong lobby of union activists at the TUC Congress in Brighton last September, where a motion from the prison officers’ union POA mandating the TUC to “consider the practicalities of a general strike” was overwhelmingly passed. The discussion at the TUC General Council is a direct consequence of that vote.

NSSN national chair Rob Williams said, “I was at the Glasgow anti-Bedroom Tax demonstration last Saturday which saw 5,000 working-class people march in a protest reminiscent of the poll tax. Cameron should remember that Thatcher was brought down because of that mass movement. In fact, a 24 hour general strike would be very popular because of the massive anger against these swingeing cuts – from the NHS, welfare, to the continuing pay freeze which has already seen real wages fall by 16%. Already, the PCS are taking national strike action and the teachers are starting a campaign of action at the end of June. Its welcome that there will be a legal opinion whether a general strike will be lawful but in any case, the issues are there for mass strike action if the unions are prepared to co-ordinate strike ballots.”

The NSSN lobby of the TUC General Council is on Wednesday April 24th from 8.30am outside Congress House in Great Russell Street.

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The NSSN was initiated by the RMT in 2006 and is holding its 7th annual conference in London on June 29th. Speakers include PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka.