5,000 Iranian iron workers strike

More than 5,000 Iranian mine workers went on strike on August 19 in central province of Yazd demanding the release of two workers who had been arrested by the State Security Forces.

The two workers of Bafq Iron Ore mine were arrested at the request of the mine’s management.

The arrested miners, Amir Hossein Kargaran and Ali Sabri are reportedly accused of organizing a 40-day strike which started on May 18 in protest of the privatization of the mine.

The forces had planned to arrest 16 other workers who also had been involved in a 40 day strike in May.

May strike ended after the authorities pledged to meet their demand. The worker wanted the plans for transferring mine’s share to private sector be cancelled.

Striking workers also had demanded the resignations of the mine’s director and that workers receive job security guarantees.

The strike ended when the governor of the province promised their demands would be met within 2 month.

The deadline is reaching in few days while none of the workers demands have been met.

On August 23, five more miners have been arrested by the State Security Forces. The striking workers and their families are picketing outside of governor’s office and announced that this protest will be continue until the release of the arrested workers.

Over the past months, the Iranian mine workers have widespread strikes in protests over wages and privatization of the mines.

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