NSSN condolences to victims of Soma mine disaster

The National Shop Stewards Network sends its condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of the hundreds of miners killed or feared dead in what will inevitably be Turkey’s worst ever mining disaster.

As reports come in and events unfurl, our anger is added to those of workers in Turkey that such a horrendous incident could happen in the 21st century. Turkish miners have long raised concerns about and campaigned for improved safety in the region and this tragedy has sadly confirmed they were right to do so.

Until further news about the causes of the disaster is available and whilst rescue attempts continue, we will make no further comment but our comrades in the Turkish trade union movement can rest assured that we will offer whatever assistance we can to fight for safe and humane working conditions worldwide.


In the last 12 hours, Turkish unions have announced a one day general strike in protest at the disaster.

“Those who pursue privatisation… policies, who threaten workers’ lives to reduce cost… are the culprits of the Soma massacre and they must be held accountable,” said a statement by the Public Workers Unions Confederation.