Steve Acheson Defence Campaign – Appeal for Funds


Steve Acheson, Unite member and blacklisted electrician was dismissed from an engineering project at a power station in Warrington in December 2008.

Ever since he has made the 80 mile round trip every Friday, at his own expense, to peacefully protest at the terrible injustice of blacklisting and to expose this abhorrent practice to public view.

As a result of Steve’s stand, the blacklisting Consulting Association was raided, and its manager, Ian Kerr, was convicted in court of data protection offences. Since then a gradually rising tide of newspaper reports and investigations has begun to lift the curtain on what has been shown to be a very murky business involving the Consulting Association, major construction companies and police and security services. Late last year Ian Kerr was forced to testify before a House of Commons inquiry and his evidence further exposed the blacklisters and their backers.

 But now as a result of being denied work for years and years, Steve now finds himself in a position where his house is at risk.

We, as friends and comrades of Steve Acheson, are determined that he should NOT lose his house as a result of an illegal conspiracy to deny him work. We are determined that the necessary £25,000 will be raised by the trade union movement and its members, the very people that Steve has been fighting to protect.

 All it will take is 50 union branches to give £500 each, or 250 to give £100 each. There will be bucket collections on building and construction sites where Steve has so many supporters, friends and comrades.

Please raise this campaign at your trade union branches, and send a donation to the campaign at the Warrington Trades Council address below.

You can contact us on [email protected]

Send cheques payable to “Fiddlers Ferry Hardship Fund”, to:

 c/o Warrington Trade Union Council,

6 Red Gables,

Pepper Street,

Warrington WA4 4SB




Bob Crow, RMT general secretary

John McDonnell MP

Organising committee: Andy Ford, Kevin Holmes, Jason Poulter