540: NSSN Conference says “fight back against bosses’ offensive!”

The NSSN Conference last Sunday brought together about 200 union reps, members and activists to discuss how to take on the increasing offensive of the employers and their Tory government.

NSSN chair Rob Williams promised the continued support of the NSSN to all workers taking action. Jared Wood from the NEC of the RMT, the union that initiated the NSSN 15 years ago, spoke about the ‘tsunami’ of cuts facing transport workers, with railworkers already taking action on Scotrail, Caledonian Sleeper and East Midlands Railway. Dave Smith from the Blacklist Support Group described the victory of the Sparks against de-skilling after they blockaded AWE.

We heard from dispute after dispute – including the victorious Sparks, Thurrock binworkers and Bromley library staff as well as workers currently taking action such as Woolwich Ferry, Brush Electrical Machines Leicestershire, Long Eaton DHL, St Mungo’s, Royal London hospital, DVLA, Oak Park school, the University of Liverpool and many more. Workers from GKN told us about their fight to keep their plant open and the struggles against union victimisation were highlighted.

The conference agreed that the NSSN looks to organise a national meeting on Freeports and supports the upcoming Peoples’ Assembly demonstration and NHS day of action.

In closing the conference, NSSN vice-chair Katrine Williams promised that as the fight goes on, the NSSN will continue to be to the fore as workers increasingly say: “We won’t pay for the Covid crisis”


Saturday June 26 – People’s Assembly – National Demonstration.  Assemble 12 Noon – Portland Place. March to Parliament Square read more

Fight Tory 1% NHS Pay Insult – Saturday July 3rd – NHS Anniversary events read more

For more information: Nurses and Midwives say NO! to Public Sector pay inequality, Keep Our NHS Public, Health Campaigns Together (read April’s HCT bulletin)

Watch Reel News video – NEU: Solidarity with NHS pay campaign



North East Sparks protest 30 sackings

Bosses sack workers protesting for safety measures (from NSSN North East supporter) – Solidarity to rank and file electricians who have been sacked because they downed tools at Amazon’s warehouse which is under construction at Follingsby Park, Gateshead. The Sparks’ walk-out was against the highly dangerous practice by the electrical contractor SIS Systems use of labourers to connect up electrical work. The sparks are resolute they cannot tolerate this approach. There was seething anger that lives were being put at risk for the sake of profit. One of the Sparks pointed out, “It’s not water we’re messing about with it’s electricity. If the work isn’t done correctly it can cause fires and kill people.” Also, that there was anger that the contractor is prepared to risk lives for the sake of a few pounds per hour – the difference between the pay of an electrician who was been through an apprenticeship, and an unskilled labourer. It’s an attempt by bosses to drive down wages and conditions.

NE Sparks protest outside Amazon in Gateshead
NE Sparks protest outside Amazon in Gateshead

The picket line outside Amazon’s warehouse was very peaceful, however the police were called by site security. Many of the sacked workers were indignant that the police weren’t prepared to do anything against the contractors who were breaking health and safety rules, but were clearly there at the behest of the bosses. SIS Systems have that if there is any “issues of threatening behaviour, sabotage or any trouble whatsoever then nobody will be paid by SIS for the week”. By far the biggest threat is from unscrupulous SIS Systems who are contemptuous of the health and safety of workers in the warehouse


Stop victimisation of union reps

Donate to the reinstatement campaign of Declan Clune RMT bus driver in Southampton (on behalf of Declan Clune and all RMT Southampton District Bus and Coach Branch members). Email message of support: [email protected]

RMT to ballot over dismissal of train rep with 20 years unblemished service (24 May) – DISMISSAL, GARY CARNEY, TRAIN OPERATOR – LONDON UNDERGROUND

Defend Adrian Mitchell RMT driver on London Underground

Donate to solidarity campaign of Moe Muhsin Manir Unite bus rep   Email messages of support to Moe: [email protected]

Woolwich Ferry workers overwhelmingly vote to strike over victimised rep – Workers operating the Woolwich Ferry, now run by Transport for London (TfL), will strike for eight days in May and June over the victimisation of a union rep, Unite the union announced today (Friday 30 April). Unite’s 57 members have voted by an overwhelming 97 per cent for strike action which will take place on 14, 24, 28 May and 1, 4, 7, 11, 21 June. The ferry has been so dogged by poor employment relations in recent years – leading to TfL taking over its operation from the discredited Briggs Marine Contractors Ltd – that the latest episode has been dubbed the ‘Groundhog Day’ dispute read more

Unite: Ealing’s Labour council ‘actively helping’ Serco ‘hound’ union rep from civil enforcement job (18 May)

St Mungos management escalate dispute by suspending Unite rep

Sign petition: Reinstate Gary Bolister sacked GMB rep at Islington Council

Watch Reel News video: Victimised union reps: Act like it’s you and fight back

Sign petition: Overturn Final written warning for John Boken (NEU Representative at Shrewsbury Colleges Group)

Sign petition to support Redbridge NEU Rep Keiran Mahon

Watch Reel News video: Huddersfield teachers strike to defend Louise Lewis

Defend NEU Exec member Tracy McGuire. Stop the victimization of Tracy!

NSSN sends our solidarity and congratulations to Kirstie Paton, her members in John Roan School and the NEU in Greenwich and nationally after successfully defending her job – watch Reel News video: NEU rep Kirstie Paton wins dismissal case: School safety matters..

Victory for NEU at Leaways School in Hackney: Statement posted by NEU Joint General Secretary Kevin Courtney – “Kedleston Group and the National Education Union are pleased to announce that the industrial dispute at Leaways School has been resolved. The school has voluntarily agreed to recognise the NEU and Iain Forsyth, a NEU representative for Leaways School, has been reinstated following due process under the School’s internal procedures.” (See more under NEU in this NSSN bulletin). NSSN sends our congratulations and solidarity to the NEU and Iain his members at Leaways


Fight Tory 1.5% council and school workers pay Insult

Joint statement from GMB, Unite and Unison: “Disappointing” council pay offer ignores huge Covid effort of workforce, say unions (14 May) – Employers should come back with improved offer. Unions representing 750,000 council and school support staff across England, Wales and Northern Ireland today (Friday) criticised the 1.5% pay offer made by the Local Government Association. GMB, Unite and UNISON submitted a joint pay claim to the local government employers in February for a 10% pay rise. This would be payable from 1 April 2021 read more


Support the NSSN

Get your trade union branch or trades council to affiliate to the NSSN – it only costs £50. Already affiliated? Please think about renewing it. Also, many of our supporters pay a few pounds a month. You can set up a similar standing order to ‘National Shop Stewards Network’, HSBC – sort code 40-06-41, account number 90143790. Our address is NSSN, PO Box 54498, London E10 9DE. Feel free to use this affiliation letter

And if you can, come to one of our regional Conferences. If there is not one in your area, get in touch to either assist in organising or have a speaker at one of your meetings or events. Contact Rob or Linda on [email protected]

Watch the NSSN pre-TUC Rally from last September and follow us on twitter via @NSSN_AntiCuts and Facebook


The NSSN is continuing to report on how workers are organising during the coronavirus pandemic

The NSSN is opening up our weekly email bulletin, website and social media platforms of Facebook and twitter to provide a public forum for workers during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis. We want to be a place where we can all share queries and experiences that workers are facing in their workplaces. These include reports of action taken by workers to defend themselves from their employers.

You can read about many of these actions in our weekly bulletin and out social media groups, especially our Facebook group: NSSN – defend workers’ rights under Coronavirus.

You can also send the NSSN your reports and queries via our website, twitter – @NSSN_AntiCuts and email – [email protected]

We welcome the information being sent to union members concerning the spread of coronavirus, including the Accord, Advance, AEP, AFA-CWA, ASLEF, BDA, BECTU Sector of Prospect, BFAWU, BOS-TU, College of Podiatry, Community, CSP, EIS, Equity, FBU, FDA, GMB, HCSA, MU, NAHT, NASUWT, National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD), Nautilus International, NEU, NGSU, NUJ, PFA, Prospect, RCM, SoR, TSSA, TUC, UCU, UNISON, Unite, URTU, USDAW, WGGB and the RCN

But it is absolutely vital that unions retain their ability to organise and act independently in defence of their members and workers generally. This includes the right of unions to take industrial action. We are already aware of workers being forced to take unofficial action on health and safety grounds. We also believe that unions should have oversight of any government bans on protests and picketing. This is the same Tory government that tabled more new anti-union laws in December’s Queens Speech last December and cannot be trusted and is now attacking the right to protest through its Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

We believe that it is essential that workers are protected during this worrying period and are not impacted, whether in terms of their safety as well as their pay and employment rights. The Tory government have announced measures that include some workers receiving 80% of their wages. This furlough scheme was due to end but has now been extended because of the 2nd lockdown.

However, we believe that no worker should pay the price for any spread of the virus. We say: work or full pay. Any worker who is required not to attend work or is unable to do so because of COVID, childcare or transport closures should receive full pay and not be forced to take annual leave. But unions have to remain vigilant that any government payments actually happen and also covers all workers, including those in precarious employment such as zero-hour contracts and in the gig economy.

We have drafted this model motion which we’ve made into a bulletin that can be downloaded and printed off to be distributed. Feel free to use in your union and trades council, in totality or partially to highlight the issues that need to be addressed.

Keep an eye out for other Facebook and social media groups and pages that are being created. The Coronavirus Support Group for Workers has been set up on Facebook and is a useful forum and you can catch up on disputes at Strike Map UK


Union News


RMT condemns the Scottish Government’s veil of secrecy (21 June) – As industrial action continues on the Caledonian Sleeper and ScotRail RMT condemns the Scottish Government’s veil of secrecy over fees for profits paid to operators Serco and Abellio. RAIL UNION RMT is today demanding that the Scottish Government come clean over how much has been paid so far in performance and management fees to fund profits for the private rail operators of the ScotRail and Caledonian Sleeper franchises under their Covid-19 Emergency Measures Agreements (EMAs), after it was revealed that the Scottish Government has backtracked from its commitment to publish this information in April 2021 read more

SERCO Caledonian Sleeper refuse ACAS talks (18 June) – RMT strike on SERCO Caledonian Sleeper remains rock solid three days in as company refuse ACAS talks. RAIL‎ UNION RMT said today that strike action on SERCO Caledonian sleeper remains rock solid three days in as the company blocks union efforts to get ACAS talks underway to discuss ending the pay freeze they are imposing on employees. The current action will last for eleven days with the company preferring to reimburse fares, cancel services and create disruption for the travelling public rather than agreeing to union calls for ACAS talks with a view to negotiating a settlement. RMT members on Caledonian Sleeper are to take the following strike action by not booking on for any shifts that commence between:-

  • 11:59 hours on Tuesday 15th June 2021 to 11:59 hours on Saturday 26th June 2021

Furthermore, with effect from 12:00 hours on ‎Saturday 26th June 2021, until further notice, members are instructed:-

  • Not to work any overtime
  • Not to work on your rest day read more

Scotrail staff in fight for equality solidly supported (20 June) – Strike action by Scotrail staff in fight for equality solidly supported again today‎ as Abellio accused of setting their workforce up for violence and abuse. RAIL UNION RMT said that‎ strike action by Scotrail staff in a fight for equality and workplace justice over enhanced payments for rest day working is being solidly supported again today‎ after a week in which Abellio sunk to a new low with vile tweets seeking to turn Scottish football fans against their rail workers. RMT says that the incendiary tweets were designed to provoke a reaction and could easily lead to violence and abuse against Scotrail staff – a situation the union describes as disgusting and despicable read more

RMT guards to bring negotiating table to East Midlands Railway (18 June) – RMT guards to bring negotiating table to East Midlands Railway as Sunday strikes continue and Train Managers vote for action. RAIL UNION RMT announced today that in addition to strike action going ahead this Sunday it will be setting up a negotiating table outside East Midlands Railway offices in Nottingham in bid to get the company to sit down to resolve the issue of inferior contracts being issued to some train guards and Sunday working arrangements. The negotiating table will be set up on Sunday 20th June 2021 at 9.00 am outside the company’s office at Nottingham station on Carrington Street, NG2 3AQ. RMT senior conductors are set to strike every Sunday throughout the summer as part of the long running dispute. RMT confirmed today that nearly 200 Train Managers have also now voted overwhelmingly for action in a parallel dispute. That ballot result will now be considered by RMT’s executive. EMR Senior Conductor members are instructed not to book on for any shifts that commence between:

  • 0001 Hours and 2359 Hours on Sunday 27th June 2021
  • 0001 Hours and 2359 Hours on Sunday 4th July 2021
  • 0001 Hours and 2359 Hours on Sunday 11th July 2021
  • 0001 Hours and 2359 Hours on Sunday 18th July 2021
  • 0001 Hours and 2359 Hours on Sunday 25th July 2021
  • 0001 Hours and 2359 Hours on Sunday 1st August 2021
  • 0001 Hours and 2359 Hours on Sunday 8th August 2021
  • 0001 Hours and 2359 Hours on Sunday 15th August 2021 read more

RMT launches bust the transport workers pay freeze campaign (17 June) – RMT launches industry wide campaign to bust the transport workers pay freeze. SPECIALIST TRANSPORT UNION RMT has launched a campaign today to bust through a Government-led pay freeze that is being imposed on transport staff – the same workers who have kept Britain moving throughout the COVID pandemic at well-documented personal risk. Train operating companies, Network Rail and TFL are all being expected to follow the Governments pay freeze diktat when current deals expire. Existing negotiating and bargaining machinery is being ridden over roughshod in a drive to hammer down on the living standards of Britain’s transport workforce read more

RMT to ballot over dismissal of train rep with 20 years unblemished service – DISMISSAL, GARY CARNEY, TRAIN OPERATOR – LONDON UNDERGROUND. I am writing to members regarding a travesty of justice that has seen our Brother Gary Carney dismissed by London Underground for allegedly avoiding an unannounced D&A test. Members across the Central Line had earlier been balloted for strike action in defence of Brother Carney. The industrial action that had been planned for Thursday 6th May 2021 was suspended in good faith to allow talks to take place at the highest level between RMT and LUL. Unfortunately, the outcome has been that LUL have upheld the dismissal of Brother Carney read more

RMT calls for urgent progress on new Merseyrail fleet (16 June) – RMT calls for urgent progress to be made over introduction of new Merseyrail fleet with the guard guarantee enshrined. RAIL UNION RMT today called for urgent progress to be made over the introduction of the new fleet of Merseyrail trains warning that the expensive new units are being left to rust in the sidings at serious cost to the taxpayer. The union will be involved in talks with the Metro Mayor and Merseytravel later this month and is looking to move forward the “agreement in principle” that would guarantee a safety-critical guard on every train and at last ‎bring the new fleet into full operation read more

RMT agrees to participate in Rail Industry Recovery Group processes (15 June) – RMT agrees to participate in Rail Industry Recovery Group processes in light of COVID pandemic and sets the unions core principles moving forwards. MAIN RAIL UNION RMT confirmed today that it will continue to participate in the processes set out in a statement by the joint-industry Rail Industry Recovery Group – the group convened in light of the COVID-19 pandemic read more

RMT to strike for pay justice on Tyne and Wear Metro (15 June) – RMT to strike for pay justice on Tyne and Wear Metro in co-ordinated joint union action. Britain’s specialist transport union RMT said today that it will be taking co-ordinated strike action with sister union UNITE later this month in a fight for pay justice ‎on the Tyne and Wear Metro. RMT and UNITE members will be taking industrial action against Stadler’s imposed wage freeze and will strike on 28, 29 and 30 June and 1, 2, 3 and 4 July. An overtime ban will also commence on 5 July. Last year the cash-rich Stadler outfit secured a £300 million contract to build 42 new Metro trains, rebuild the Gosforth depot and maintain the Nexus Tyne and Wear train stock for the next 35 years. Despite recording profit growth of 8% in 2020 Stadler are now trying to impose a pay freeze on their loyal and hardworking staff read more



TSSA Vows To Protect Railway Industry Jobs (15 June) – TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has reacted to the Enabling Framework Agreement from the Rail Industry Recovery Group (RIRG) saying the union will continue fighting for our members interests in the wake of the pandemic and failure of privatisation read more

TfL Cuts Are Political Vindictiveness – Cortes (15 June) – TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has reacted to a report from London Labour at City Hall by saying Boris Johnson is engaged in an act of political vindictiveness in pressing ahead with cuts to the Transport for London (TfL) budget read more



Demonstration called and strike action stepped up in Serco Royal London hospital bullying dispute (22 June) – Workers employed by outsourcing giant Serco, who work in the company’s back of house catering department at the Royal London hospital in Whitechapel, East London, will stage a demonstration (Thursday 24 June) and have called further  strike action in the dispute over bullying and unworkable rosters.

WHEN: Thursday 24 June at 12:00

WHERE: Next to the dental building adjoining the Royal London hospital E1 1BB

The workers, who are members of Unite, the UK’s leading union, began a five day strike yesterday (Monday 21 June) in the bullying and roster dispute, after talks at the conciliation service Acas failed to make any progress. The workers, who play a key role in ensuring that food is delivered to hospital patients in their wards, have been trying without success to resolve their problems since July 2020 read more

Aviation workers to hold Manchester Airport demonstration as part of industry wide day of action (22 June) – Unprecedented cross sector alliance demands Covid-19 support due to the government’s failure to provide assistance to sector. Aviation organisations from all parts of the industry will join together at a demonstration at Manchester Airport this week as part of an urgent call for the government to take action to help the industry survive the pandemic.

WHEN: 12:30 on Wednesday 23 June

WHERE: Terminal 3 Manchester Airport, M90 1QX read more

Steel workers watching as government must stabilise cornerstone industry (21 June) – Unite, the UK’s leading union, which represents thousands of members in all areas of the steel industry, is urging that the government to take immediate action to stabilise the industry read more

NEW POLL ON AMAZON PRIME DAY: Amazon workers are key workers and should have trade union rights says public (21 June) – A new poll reveals strong support for Unite’s campaign to secure trade union rights for directly employed Amazon workers and for workers in the gig economy, while firmly opposing Amazon’s anti-trade union tactics. The poll of 2000 UK residents conducted by Survation also revealed that the public are now likely to view Amazon workers as “Key Workers” by a margin of 2:1 as a result of their work through the health crisis. Almost half of respondents say they have changed their view of Amazon workers and now value them more than they did before the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. More than three quarters of respondents (76%) believe Amazon workers should be able to join a trade union if they choose without interference from the company. For workers indirectly employed in the “Gig economy” by Amazon, 74 per cent of the public believe Amazon also has a responsibility to provide them with fair working conditions. Public opinion is in stark contrast to Amazon’s anti-trade union tactics. Amazon stops any attempts by workers to gain a collective voice of their own. It has failed to sign either the United Nations Global Compact or the Ethical Trading Initiative – bodies that recognise the right of all workers to a collective voice and are signed up to by most of the biggest names on the high street. The union is now calling on Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to sign up to a ‘declaration of neutrality’, which includes commitments that recognise workers’ rights to unionise read more

Disgraceful Assembly debate on licensing hours extension confirms Stormont Executive does not prioritise needs of hospitality workers (June 21) – Amendments to include protections for bar and hospitality workers are ruled out of order by Assembly chair read more

Motor Mechanics: Unite describes SIMI pay proposals as paltry (June 20) – First pay rise in 13 years would do nothing to shrink gap with other trades. Only collectively negotiated agreements will secure future of the sector. Trade union Unite, which is organising motor mechanics throughout Ireland today (Sunday) said that proposals by employer body SIMI for pay increases of between €5 and €14 a week illustrate how out of touch SIMI are with the motor industry read more

Sectoral Employment Orders: Unite welcomes Supreme Court decision upholding constitutionality of SEOs (June 18) – June 18th: In an initial response to the Supreme Court decision issued today (Friday), Unite welcomed the ruling that Sectoral Employment Orders are constitutional.  The union said that this provides a firm foundation to develop existing SEOs and establish additional ones – thus expanding vital protections for workers read more

Strikes at Sunrise Medical in Dudley suspended as Unite secures improved deal (18 June) – Strikes planned for next week at electrical wheelchair maker Sunrise Medical have been postponed after negotiators for Unite, the UK’s leading union, secured an improved offer in the dispute over pay. Workers at the Brierley Hill factory were due to take strike action on Monday 21 June and Friday 25 June but, following talks at the conciliation service Acas today (Friday 18 June), an improved pay offer has been presented by Sunrise Medical management which Unite members will be balloted on next week. If the offer is accepted, the dispute will be over. If not, then fresh strike dates will be announced read more

Striking St Mungo’s staff protest over bullying at housing charity’s Bristol office (18 June) – Striking maintenance workers at the St Mungo’s housing charity will stage a protest in Bristol on Monday (21 June) over bullying and anti-union behaviour by the management. Around a dozen members of Unite, the UK’s leading union, who are responsible for day-to-day repairs of charity’s housing units, have been on all out strike since April 22. The strike was called after several staff grievances against property services senior management were dismissed read more

Donate to strike hardship fund – Unite LE/1111, sort code 60-83-01, account number 204183

McVitie’s issues redundancy notices as the company refuses to engage with Action Group (17 June) – The trade unions Unite Scotland and GMB Scotland, who jointly represent the vast majority of the 472 McVitie’s workers based at Tollcross, have reacted furiously to the company formally issuing redundancy notices today (17 June). The McVitie’s biscuit factory, which manufactures a range of notable products including Hobnobs and Rich Tea Biscuits, has through its parent owners Pladis also refused to engage with the newly established Action Group set up to prevent the factory’s closure. The group is chaired by the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Economy, Kate Forbes MSP, and involves the trade unions, Glasgow City Council, Scottish Enterprise, Clyde Gateway and Skills Development Scotland. Following two meetings of the Action Group, Kate Forbes, wrote to McVitie’s requesting direct engagement with the parent company, Pladis, ahead of the next scheduled meeting on 23 June. The meeting is set to discuss a series of proposals which could maintain a presence of McVitie’s in the local area. However, Unite Scotland and GMB Scotland can confirm that the company has formally issued redundancy notices to its workforce and refused to engage with the Action Group read more

Cuts to Hampshire’s public health budget mirror England-wide crisis in funding, says Unite (17 June) – Proposed cuts to health visiting, school nursing and sexual health services in Hampshire are the latest example of the swingeing cuts to public health services in England that directly undermine Boris Johnson’s so-called ‘levelling up’ agenda, Unite the union said today (Thursday 17 June). Hampshire County Council has opened a consultation, which closes on Monday 9 August, on saving £6.8 million from the public health budget of £52 million for 2021/22, due to a further funding squeeze from central government read more

Government suppression of adequate Covid sick pay rules ‘reckless’, with fatal consequences (17 June) – Unite, the UK’s leading union, has branded revelations that the government deliberately suppressed information on how workers could be temporarily furloughed when forced to self-isolate due to Covid-19 as “reckless” read more

London mayor urged to intervene in escalating ‘victimisation’ dispute at Woolwich Ferry (16 June) – London mayor Sadiq Khan has been urged to intervene as new strike dates were announced in the Woolwich Ferry ‘different bosses, same victimisation’ dispute. The nine days of 24 hour strikes during July were unveiled as the new Transport for London (TfL) management issued a written warning to a second union rep which, Unite says, is a further case of victimisation of a shop steward carrying out their legitimate trade union duties. Unite the union called on the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to intervene to resolve this dispute which will cause increasing travel disruption to commuters as the return to the office gathers pace. Unite’s 57 members have been taking strike action since mid-May with more already announced strike days on 18, 21, 22, and 25 June. The nine new 24 hour strikes are scheduled for 2,5,9,12,16,19,23,26 and 30 July read more

UK-wide Premier Inn protests calls for real living wage on day of Whitbread AGM (16 June) – Protests at Premier Inns in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland calling for staff to be paid the real living wage will be held tomorrow (Thursday 17 June), the same day as parent company Whitbread’s annual general meeting in Dunstable. The socially distanced protests will take place at Premier Inns in London, Belfast, Glasgow, Tenby and Aberystwyth read more

Unite backs Labour MP Barry Gardiner’s Bill to End Fire and Rehire (16 June) – The UK’s leading trade union, Unite, has today (Wednesday 16 June) endorsed Barry Gardiner’s parliamentary bill to end fire and rehire. Unite’s general secretary, Len McCluskey, called the practice, in which employers sack their workers only to rehire them on lower pay and worse conditions, “a disease that’s ripping through our workplaces” read more

Unite members vote to accept Diageo three year pay deal (16 June) – Unite Scotland has today (16 June) confirmed that its membership at Diageo has voted to accept a three year pay deal. Diageo workers who are members of Unite make up about 500 of the 3,000 strong workforce in distilleries and bottling plants across Scotland read more

Proposals for compulsory vaccination of care home staff condemned by Unite (16 June) – ‘Encouragement, not compulsion’ for health and social care staff when it comes to vaccination against Covid-19 is the best approach, Unite the union said today (Wednesday 16 June). Unite, which has 100,000 members in the health service, was commenting on reports that the government is to announce that care staff are expected to be given 16 weeks to have the jab – or face being redeployed away from frontline care or losing their jobs read more

Tyne and Wear braced for ‘Metro misery’ during rail maintenance strikes (15 June) – Tyne and Wear residents are being warned to brace for ‘Metro misery’ during train maintenance strikes that will impact rail travel across the region. Unite, the UK’s leading union, issued the warning after its members employed by Swiss rail giant Stadler voted for strike action in response to the company implementing a pay freeze. Around 30 Unite members, in coordination with RMT members also taking industrial action against Stadler’s wage freeze, will strike on 28, 29 and 30 June and 1, 2, 3 and 4 July. An overtime ban will also commence on 5 July read more

Shame of the NHS bosses who refuse talks to resolve Lancashire biomedical scientists’ pay upgrade dispute (11 June) – Hardline NHS bosses at a Lancashire NHS trust have, so far, spurned the offer of any talks, including under the auspices of conciliation service Acas, to resolve the biomedical scientists’ upgrading pay row. As a result, Unite the union said that the 21 biomedical scientists at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust will hold a month of strike action from 21 June to 28 July, following on the current strike action that started on 31 May and ends on 21 June. The crux of the dispute is the ‘bad faith’ that the trust management has shown when it reneged on the 2019 pay upgrade deal that it originally agreed to read more

Weetabix strikes announced at Northamptonshire sites over company’s disgraceful fire and rehire plans – Engineers employed by Weetabix at its factories in Northamptonshire will begin strike action later this month in a dispute over the company’s plans to fire and rehire them resulting in a huge cut in pay. The workers, who are members of Unite, the UK’s leading union, voted for strike action last week in the dispute where the workers are facing pay cuts of up to £5,000 a year. The workers, based at the company’s factories in Corby and Kettering in Northamptonshire, will begin strike action on Wednesday 23 June and then strike on the Wednesday of each week until mid-September. The strike action will inevitably cause problems in production and will lead to shortages of Weetabix and the company’s other products read more

Royal London hospital patients facing ‘food chaos’ as Serco workers to strike in bullying and roster clash – Patients at the Royal London hospital in Whitechapel, East London, are facing the prospect of ‘food chaos’ later this month, after workers employed by troubled outsourcing giant Serco voted for strike action. The workers, who are members of Unite the union, are based in the hospital’s back of house catering department. They play a key role in ensuring that meals are prepared and delivered to patients on the wards. The dispute is a result of bullying from management and the introduction of a disastrous new roster system that has severely impacted the workforce’s personal lives. Unite has been seeking to resolve these matters since July 2020. The workers overwhelmingly voted for strike action in April. Since then Unite has been seeking to avoid industrial action, but negotiations with Serco have stalled and an initial five days of strike beginning on Monday 21 June have been called. Further strike dates are likely if the dispute is not resolved. The bullying by management concerns the aggressive use of sickness absence triggers and the abuse of power in the allocation of shifts and holidays, which has left members at breaking point, during the pandemic read more

Dismissal notices for Banbury coffee workers over ‘fire and rehire’ plans branded as ‘corporate gangsterism’ by Unite – The decision by JDE (Jacobs Douwe Egberts) in Banbury to issue dismissal notices today (Wednesday 2 June) to workers refusing to sign new contracts, which could mean some of them losing up to £12,000 a year, has been branded ‘corporate gangsterism’ by Unite the union. Unite said that it would be escalating industrial action with four new strike days at the Ruscote Avenue site after the company said those employees, who didn’t sign up by 17 May to the new contracts, will be issued with 12 weeks’ notice, effective from 7 June. The new strikes will run from 07.00 on Saturday (5 June) until 07.00 Sunday (6 June); from 06:00 Thursday 10 June until 07:00 Friday 11 June; from 07:00 Sunday 13 June until 07:00 Monday 14 June; and from 06:00 on Wednesday 16 June until 07:00 Thursday 17 June. Unite national officer for the food industry Joe Clarke said: “The company has today announced its notice to dismiss the entire workforce by using unscrupulous ‘fire and rehire’ tactics read more   Email messages of support and donate to the hardship fund via [email protected]. Follow #Banbury300 @Banbury3001 on twitter

Next industrial action date at Jacobs Douwe Egberts coffee plant in Banbury is 24th June 7am to 25th June 7am

JDE Solidarity Cavalcade – #End Fire And Rehire Sunday 27 June from 9.45am Waitrose car park, Southam Road, Banbury OX16 2FW Facebook event

Unite considering all legal options against Goodlord following ‘unfair’ dismissal of striking workers – Unite, the UK’s leading union, is considering all legal option against London property services firm Goodlord following its ‘unfair’ dismissal of striking workers on Wednesday evening (19 May)…More than 20 members of Unite, employed in Goodlord’s referencing department, began strike action on 22 February over fire and rehire contract changes that resulted in annual pay falling from £24,000 to £18,000. The original contracts for around half of the striking workers expired during the strike action. As they refused to sign up to the radically diminished terms and conditions Goodlord was offering, the workers were dismissed read more

See Reel News video of Goodlord strike. Messages of support to [email protected]

  • Email complaints to [email protected]; tweet complaints to @sogoodlord
  • Strike fund donations to Unite LE/7098L London ITC Branch, sort code 60-83-01, account 20303680, reference Goodlord

Ealing parking disruption to resume as more Serco civil enforcement strikes set – Ealing residents are being warned to brace for parking disruption in June due to further strikes over union busting by Serco civil enforcement officers, Unite, the UK’s leading union, said today (Thursday 20 May). Following a pledge by Ealing’s new council leader Peter Mason to intervene in the dispute, Unite said it hopes a solution can be found before the two 72-hour strikes, beginning on 1 June and 9 June, go ahead. Mr Mason’s pledge came after Unite condemned a move by Ealing Council to have a Unite Serco rep removed from his duties. A council officer has written to Serco requesting the Unite rep, who has performed his job for two decades, be removed from duties for bringing the council into ‘disrepute’. The officer justified the decision because the Unite rep stated on social media that Ealing council would lose revenue from Parking Charge Notices during the ongoing strikes by more than 40 Serco civil enforcement officers. Despite the statement being factually accurate and containing no mention of parking policy motivations, the council is wrongly claiming that the union rep ‘conveys the council as a purely revenue generating authority’. The same union rep, along with a number of his colleagues, was previously offered severance by Serco in order to undermine trade union organisation, which resulted in the ongoing strike action. Unite regional officer Clare Keogh said: “Serco has targeted union reps, activists and others with severance offers in order to weaken trade union organisation and undermine negotiations. The company is also using its absence policy to unfairly dismiss employees…Our members will not stand for it and have been left with no other choice but to take strike action…” read more

Ealing’s Labour council ‘actively helping’ Serco ‘hound’ union rep from civil enforcement job

Engineers at Leicestershire’s Brush Electrical strike over fire and rehire cuts of up to £15,000 – Engineers employed by Brush Electrical Machines, owned by venture capitalists Melrose and based in Ashby de-la Zouch, will stage summer strikes in response to ‘fire and rehire’ pay cuts of up to £15,000, Unite said today (Tuesday 11 May 2021). Unite, the UK’s leading union, said the 30 engineers, who service generators around the world, voted overwhelmingly in favour of striking and will stage industrial action every day from 25 May to 16 August. The proposed contracts include reductions to overtime rates, allowances, holidays and other terms and conditions that would result in a pay cut of between £10,000 and £15,000 a year. The engineers’ jobs have been threatened if they do not sign the new contracts, which will leave them on pay rates ‘well below the industry standard’. The union said the strikes will ‘cause havoc to the firm’s worldwide servicing schedule and serious inconvenience to its international clients’. Parent company Melrose has a reputation for targeting workers and viable operations to boost short-term profits read more

Security guards at Reading hospital to be balloted again for strike action in ‘David and Goliath’ pay battle read more

Support striking Reading hospital security guards – Text solidarity messages via Jessica 07718668497 and donate to strike fund: Acc. No.: 20173991   Sort Code: 60-83-01.  Sign petition to Mark Wallace , Kingdom Service Group Managing Director: Pay Royal Berkshire Hospital security staff a wage they can live on

Read document by Unite Community Cumbria branch: ‘Covid and the Tories – a world beating catastrophe’



700 DVLA staff will strike tomorrow as management attempt strike breaking (21 June) – Months of strike action are set to continue from Tuesday with DVLA senior management refusing to put a deal that would have ended the dispute, back on the table. PCS members working in the input services group (ISG) and OSG will walk out from Tuesday 22 to Thursday 24. Instead of trying to solve the dispute, DVLA senior management have instructed a private company to carry out work in order to undermine the strike. In an email seen by PCS, DVLA will now use a contractor APS as “contingency” to print 400,000 V11 forms for car tax. “The test will ensure there is a contingency in place to protect the agency’s critical function in the longer term,” the email said. PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka said: “This blatant attempt at strike breaking shows DVLA and DfT are not interested in settling this dispute read more

DVLA update: strike continues as big pot of reward money withheld (15 June)

Further pressure put on Homes England to remove fire and re-hire threat (18 June) – PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka has urged housing secretary Robert Jenrick to direct senior managers at Homes England, the public body that funds new affordable housing in England, to scrap plans to fire and re-hire staff on worse contracts. A proposal was exposed during protracted pay negotiations with PCS that staff who don’t agree to pay cuts could be forced on to worse contracts read more



Sign petition: Reinstate Gary Bolister sacked GMB rep at Islington Council

Amazon worker injuries spike in build up to key shopping dates (21 June) – In the run up to Prime Day the inhumanity of working conditions at Amazon warehouses goes into overdrive. Injuries to Amazon workers spike in the build-up to key sales dates like Prime Day, GMB research shows. The union’s analysis of ambulance call outs to Amazon warehouses reveals an increase before Prime Day, Black Friday and Christmas read more

Suppressing self isolation sick pay ‘scandalous and incompetent’ (17 June) – Lives will likely have been lost and higher infection rates will cost the NHS and employers far more in the long run, says GMB Union. GMB has described reports the UK government suppressed access to sick pay for people isolating with the coronavirus at the height of the pandemic as ‘scandalous and incompetent’ read more

Surging inflation exposes folly of government’s ‘derisory’ pay policy (16 June) – After a wretched year and a disastrous decade of cuts, workers need to be properly valued for the work they do. GMB, the UK’s general union, has renewed calls for the Government to scrap its real-terms public sector pay cuts after a sharp increase in the cost of living. The ONS reported today [Wednesday 16 June] that the RPI measure reached 3.3 per cent in May. This was the highest rate since 2018, and it was more than double the rate for March (at 1.5 per cent). The CPI and CPIH measures also jumped to 2.1 per cent read more

‘Ill thought through’ plan to mandate vaccinations could lead to care staff ‘exodus’ (16 June) – More than a third of our GMB Union carers would consider packing their jobs in if vaccines were mandated. GMB, the union for social care, said ‘ill thought through’ plans to mandate vaccinations for carers could lead to a staff exodus. Uptake of vaccinations has been on the increase in social care and the Government could do more to address vaccine hesitancy instead of forcing vaccines on workers, the union said read more

Mayor of London must stop outsourced TfL bus ‘killing machine’ (16 June) – GMB Union calls for culture change within TfL where punctuality at the expense of health and safety is linked to private company profit. New GMB analysis shows that more than 2,500 people were killed or seriously injured in TfL bus collisions since 2014. During the same period, almost 6,000 people were injured in collisions with TfL buses – an average of 2.5 people every day. On the back of the study, GMB calls on Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to look urgently at the private contractors delivering bus services for TfL and remove the link between punctuality and profits read more

Stobart Air collapse could be ‘tip of iceberg’ says GMB (14 June) – This aviation employer has gone to the wall which one is next, asks GMB Union? GMB, the union for aviation workers, has warned the collapse of Stobart Air could be ‘the tip of the iceberg’. Almost 500 people lost their jobs after Aer Lingus’s regional service operator suddenly ceased trading on Saturday and called in liquidators read more

Support the GMB workers against ‘fire and rehire at British Gas – send a message of support and donate to the GMB British Gas ‘Fire and Rehire’ Strike Fund



Carmarthenshire County Unison Press release: Plaid led council won’t recognise unions

Plaid led Carmarthenshire County Council needs to instruct Cwm Environmental to implement a Trade Union Recognition Agreement (TURA) immediately. The above Arms length company was set up in the mid-90’s by the council. Our Unison branch has been leading the way for several years to get a TURA with GMB and Unite Carmarthenshire County Local Government branches supporting us. You would think that it would be formality to get a TURA given the Plaid led Council owns the waste disposal company 100% and that they recognise the above trade unions for collective bargaining with the council but no. We have faced obfuscation, obstruction and delaying tactics every step of the way. When eventually we dragged them to the negotiating table the company under instruction from council officers tried to dictate who could negotiate on behalf of all three unions and then they offered a voluntary agreement where the unions would not be able to negotiate pay, terms and conditions for at least 18 months with the council that has many employees on the board of Cwm claiming that they did not know what was proposed in the agreement. As a result of what was offered, the attempts at trying to cause division between the unions and the above tactics our branch and the other unions have withdrawn from ‘negotiations.’ The fact is our members in Cwm are on significantly lower pay and worse terms and conditions than council workers doing similar jobs and the company, and the council want to keep it that way for as long as possible.

We and the other unions have called the council out. We demand that Plaid led Carmarthenshire County Council instruct Cwm Environmental to implement a TURA immediately without any strings attached. We have therefore launched a campaign to achieve this and to get the council to abandon its hypocritical stance. We are asking for messages of solidarity and support from the Labour and Trade Union movement  to be sent to the council (with a copy to us) to put pressure on Plaid led Carmarthenshire County Council. We also ask that your members sign the online petition to achieve the above (see details below). There are many examples of where councils have taken services back inhouse following outsourcing (due to having had their fingers burned) but Plaid led Carmarthenshire County Council cannot even give us a TURA. While the Labour Welsh Government and Wales TUC are pushing social partnership with them and the employers this Plaid led council wont even recognise the unions.

Online petition:                                 http://chng.it/h9BXRnFtc7

Council Leader Emlyn Dole –                   [email protected]

CEO Wendy Walters –                    [email protected]

Environment Cllr Hazel Evans –   [email protected]

Director of Environmental Services Ruth Mullen – [email protected]



Pay breakthrough at Capita triggers 02 Partnership consultative ballot (June 18) – Tough but businesslike pay negotiations on behalf of members in the Capita O2 Partnership have yielded a ‘final’ offer pay offer that, if accepted, will see all CWU represented grade employees on the contract receive a minimum of 2.15%, backdated to April 1. Crucially the deal – which applies to members working in Preston Brook and Leeds ABC in the recognised Capita O2 bargaining unit –  maintains the company’s commitment to pay an absolute minimum of the Real Living Wage, while simultaneously delivering a consolidated pay rise for everyone paid above that level. Beneficiaries will include those employees who last year received no rise whatsoever on account of the Capita-wide embargo on any pay rises at all for anyone paid over a £28,000 threshold read more

Royal Mail women at work – no to harassment (June 17) – Branch rallies behind postwoman who spoke out against street harassment…“I have a laugh and a joke like everyone else – but out on delivery we have a job to do and harassment in the street is not fun for us thank you!” says Sascha Byrne, who recently spoke out on social platforms about being rudely pestered while carrying out her daily duties read more

Big ‘yes’ to 2% pay deal from Rivus Fleet members (June 16) – Members in Rivus Fleet Solutions have voted by four-to-one to accept a CWU-brokered pay deal which delivers a fully consolidated across-the-board 2% increase. Set against a relevant RPI inflation rate of 1.5% in March, the settlement represents a real term increase for Rivus members employed in the former BT Fleet workshops which were sold by BT in 2019 to private equity asset management company Aurelius read more

BT strike ballot scheduled for early June if no agreement reached – Andy Kerr gives the company three weeks’ notice to halt its attack on the workforce, or face the prospect of a nationwide strike…The first UK-wide industrial action in BT since 1987 will be on the cards unless company bosses “see sense,” warned CWU deputy general secretary Andy Kerr this morning, as he and CWU president Karen Rose headed into talks requested by the company in response to the groundswell of outrage from angry members across the country. Both Andy and Karen stressed their thanks and praise for the “fantastic support” from the membership for the union’s vigorous ‘Count Me In’ campaign, which has, they insisted, been the key factor in forcing the business to seek negotiations. And, in return for the company agreeing to pause its redundancy programme, the union has agreed to pause triggering the statutory industrial action ballot process. “This is a small victory,” said Andy, in a live broadcast earlier. “We’re around the table now and we will work 24/7 over the next three weeks to make sure we get the right deal for all of you.” But Andy assured the thousands of members watching that, unless sufficient progress is made in these talks, the union will “push the button” on a statutory national industrial action ballot of some 40,000 members working for BT, Openreach and EE at the beginning of June. “We want a negotiated settlement, but if that fails, we will ballot in early June for industrial action,” he vowed read more



Mental Capacity ACT (MCA) Section 269 Criminal Liability (17 June) – NIPSA Health Mental Capacity Health and Social Care. I am writing to update you further to my previous bulletin dated Friday 11 June 2021. You will be aware that NIPSA and the Health Trade Unions have pressed Trust Employers to advise us how they are planning to progress implementation of Section 269. We have insisted that they issue urgent communications and guidance to their staff under their duty of care to you to ensure that you can process the MCA safely and in line with your and their obligations as registrants, taking account of staff shortages, training issues, emergency provisions and workload issues. We have been advised that a letter and guidance will issue to staff today. We have also asked that they raise all of their concerns with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council and the NMC read more



Support these strikes:-

Action Date Contact
Pimlico Academy / Westminster
(Unacceptable Management Style)
Tuesday 22 June
Wednesday 23 June
Thursday 24 June
Oaks Park High / Redbridge
(Victimisation of NEU Rep & Members)
Tuesday 22 June
Wednesday 23 June
[email protected]
Coventry Schools Foundation / Coventry
Wednesday 23 June
Thursday 24 June
[email protected]

School Census Data shows increase in Free School Meal provision (17 June) – Government must act urgently to implement the recommendations of the National Food Strategy. No child should come to school too hungry to learn read more


Bromley teachers take strike action to protect pensions (14 June) –
Members of NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union at Bishop Challoner School in Bromley are taking the first of six planned days of strike action tomorrow (Tuesday) over plans by their employer to withdraw from the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS). The employer is seeking to downgrade the pension benefits of members which would affect their future financial security. The employer has not responded to the approach from the NASUWT to resolve this dispute and has ignored the concerns raised by teachers during the consultation process read more

Strike action at Loughborough school over attacks on pensions (9 June) – Members of NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union at Loughborough Grammar School have taken the first of six planned days of strike action over moves by their employer to withdraw from the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS). Teachers at the school have been threatened with dismissal if they do not accept the proposed withdrawal from the TPS and downgrading of their pension benefits read more



EIS welcomes decision to scrap SQA following publication of OECD report (21 June) – The EIS has welcomed today’s announcement by the Cabinet Secretary for Education that the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) is to be scrapped. The announcement came following the publication of the OECD Review of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), which identified a ‘disconnect’ between the core aims of CfE and Scotland’s qualifications system read more



Updates on latest UCU disputes

Petition calling for fair funding and online learning

‘Disgraceful’ University of Liverpool management refusing to pay staff (18 June) – Moves to withhold 100% of pay unprecedented. The University of Liverpool has told staff taking part in a lawful marking and assessment boycott that it will withhold 100% of their wages, despite staff being willing to carry out a majority of their duties. University management said they will withhold wages until staff complete marking all assessments affected by the industrial action, and has said it considers all other work staff carry out to be voluntary and not worthy of payment. UCU members began the boycott today in a long running dispute over the university’s decision to sack 24 staff from the faculty of health and life sciences during the Covid-19 pandemic. Managers are using criteria similar to the ‘rank and yank’ management approach Amazon has been criticised for using. Staff previously took three weeks of strike action, which ended last week. UCU said it has never seen an employer withhold 100% of pay from staff participating in a marking and assessment boycott. The union said it is especially egregious as if the university removed the threat to dock pay, staff would be willing to perform most of their duties. The university emailed all staff to say pay will be withheld  until staff resume all their marking and assessment duties in full. Staff who complete marking assessments after the industrial action ends will not receive any back pay. The marking boycott comes after 90% of members who voted in a ballot, backed taking industrial action to fight the university’s plans to slash the teaching and research jobs read more

Strike threat at University of Hull over language department closure & sacking of UCU branch president (18 June) – The University of Hull could face strikes as staff are being asked to take industrial action in a ballot over the threatened closure of modern language courses and the sacking of the UCU branch president. The ballot closes on Friday 9 July 2021. The university wants to stop recruiting students onto its modern language degree and onto any post graduate language courses from September 2021 read more

UUK consultation is PR exercise to justify slashing pensions, says UCU (16 June) – UCU has slammed Universities UK (UUK) after it used the results of an employer consultation to back swingeing cuts to USS pensions which would wipe thousands off retirement funds. The union called the results a ‘PR exercise readying the ground for further cuts’ after the body failed to publish full details of its proposals or individual employer responses read more

Three days of strikes begin tomorrow at University of Leicester – Staff at the University of Leicester will down tools tomorrow (8 June) in the first of three continuous days of strike action as they fight against 26 compulsory redundancies. The strikes come after around 70% of staff who voted in an industrial ballot said yes to strike action to stop the sackings. University of Leicester vice-chancellor Nishan Canagarajah has since handed the 26 staff their redundancy notices, and they are set to lose their jobs from Tuesday 3 August. 72 senior Leicester staff and professors have written to University of Leicester’s executive board setting out concerns that some staff have been targeted for redundancy because of the intellectual approaches of their research, which they say is a serious threat to academic freedom. A marking and assessment boycott by university staff has also now entered its second month. The marking boycott and strike action are both taking place during the crucial end of year examination period, meaning disruption for the university will be especially severe. UCU has additionally hit Leicester with the ultimate sanction of a global boycott, meaning the union is asking its members, other trade unions, and the international academic community to boycott the university. This includes not speaking at events, accepting invitations to give lectures, or applying for jobs at Leicester. Since the global boycott began last month at least 19 events have been cancelled, indefinitely postponed or moved elsewhere read more

Wave of strikes at 49 prisons over Covid-19 concerns set to continue – Staff in 49 prisons across England are set to go on strike again in a health and safety dispute with employer Novus, UCU confirmed today. Around 600 UCU members working in prison education are set to walk out of 49 prison and young offender institutions across England on Thursday 10 and Wednesday 23 June. The latest set of walkouts have been called because Novus has refused to meaningfully engaged with UCU’s concerns despite staff already taking two days of strike action in May. The dispute centres on Novus’ failure to meaningfully engage with UCU over Covid-19 health and safety concerns of prison educators teaching and supporting learners on the prison estate. Novus has launched complaints and investigations against UCU’s health and safety representatives, making it difficult for staff to raise safety concerns and impossible for any meaningful health and safety discussions to take place read more

UCU fighting fund: the link is here and donations to the fund are spent on supporting members involved in important disputes. As always, members are asked to contribute whatever their circumstances allow. A donation in solidarity of any amount will be gratefully received by members taking action.



MP who voted against post-Grenfell safety measures challenged over Grenfell local fire station visit (21 June) – A firefighters’ union representative who was one of the first on the scene of the Grenfell Tower disaster has challenged Conservative Kensington MP Felicity Buchan over a visit to the local fire station. Buchan has been widely criticised for voting against implementing recommendations of the Grenfell inquiry despite representing the community affected by the tragedy. The station in question, North Kensington, is in the immediate locality of Grenfell and crews from the station were the first to attend the fire. FBU representative, Dave Badillo, heard about the MP’s visit after finishing work this morning, and tweeted at her to say that “your vote on amendments to fire safety bill is a betrayal of our community. #GrenfellUnited #EndOurCladdingScandal”. He also said “your continued stance puts the lives of residents and firefighters at further risk” read more



Privatisation of Channel 4 must be stopped (18 June) – The NUJ believes the reported aim of the government to privatise Channel 4 makes no sense and will result in a poorer offering for viewers in terms of news coverage, innovative programming and nurturing UK talent read more

NUJ welcomes FOI review (17 June) – Michael McGrath, minister for public expenditure and reform, announced the review at a seminar on the future of FOI in Ireland chaired by Information Commissioner Peter Tyndall. The minister said the review would uphold the spirit of the original 1997 Act and was designed to advance freedom of information. “This is not about taking a step back,” he said read more

NUJ to fight cuts to regional political desk at Millbank (16 June) – BBC News is to cut four staff members from the regional political desk at Millbank – the service that provides bespoke content to local radio and regional TV outlets read more

Japan: foreign journalists to be tracked by GPS at Tokyo Olympics (16 June) – The NUJ said it was a direct attack on press freedom and privacy and urged the UK and Irish governments to defend journalists’ rights to report on the games without this “outrageous impediment”. The union has backed calls by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) to the Japanese Olympic Organising Committee to reverse its decision to track non-domestic journalists by GPS during the games read more

NUJ raises concerns with Met over intimidation of BBC reporter Nick Watt (16 June) – The union was reacting to an incident when the Newsnight’s political editor was abused by anti-lockdown protesters in Westminster read more



Equity agrees code of conduct with United Kingdom Pro-Wrestling (18 June) – A year after the #SpeakingOut movement in the wrestling industry began on social media Equity have agreed another Code of Conduct, this time with South East of England based wrestling promotion United Kingdom Pro Wrestling read more



Problem of fatigue haunts electricity industry (21 June) – Fatigue is prevalent across the electricity industry and it must be tackled now if we are serious about achieving Net Zero writes, Sue Ferns, Prospect senior deputy general secretary read more



Boohoo AGM rebellion: Usdaw urges the company to end their anti-union stance and engage in recognition talks (17 June) – Retail trade union Usdaw has again urged Boohoo to engage in talks to recognise the union ahead of their AGM tomorrow, after reports suggest that shareholders are ready to revolt over labour abuse scandals read more

Long Eaton DHL/M&S dispute continues – Usdaw members start another 24-hour stoppage tonight (16 June) – Members of the retail logistics trade union Usdaw will today begin a second 24-hour stoppage at 10pm at the Long Eaton DHL / Marks and Spencer distribution centre. The continuing industrial action affects a Marks & Spencer third-party logistics contract, operated by DHL at Long Eaton in Derbyshire. Usdaw members voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action in a dispute over the amount of redundancy pay that long serving staff will receive when the site closes at the end of July read more

BCM Fareva staff vote decisively to strike – Usdaw urges the Nottingham based employer to withdraw their ‘fire and rehire’ threat – Usdaw members have voted by over 90% in favour of industrial action at BCM Fareva, the Nottingham based manufacturer of consumer pharma and beauty products for leading brands including Boots. BCM Fareva has proposed slashing members’ terms and conditions, including sick pay and redundancy payment provisions, while pre-emptively threatening to ‘fire and rehire’ staff if agreement cannot be reached on the proposed changes. Usdaw has informed the company of the result and again calls on them to avoid industrial action by removing their threat to ‘fire and rehire’ read more



Other News

Tamil Solidarity trade union newsletter and model motion


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Builders Crack: The Movie

In the current situation, this long lost film from the 1990s about rank and file union organising in the construction industry is intended to lift the spirits, but also to spark a debate in our movement. Hope the youngsters in this film put a smile on your face.

Watch – Share – Discuss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VZ-QMA1FMg

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NUJ condemns raid and arrests in Hong Kong read more



Saturday June 26 – People’s Assembly – National Demonstration.  Assemble 12 Noon – Portland Place. March to Parliament Square read more

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