POA Budget Day march against austerity

Prison officers from around the country gathered in Westminster this morning for a march and rally against austerity.
The prison service has taken massive cuts since the austerity offensive against the public sector began in 2008. This has led to a worsening of conditions in prisons for prison officers and prisoners alike.

Like much of the rest of the public sector the prison service is menaced by privatisation with a number of prisons, such as HMP Northumberland, now run by private companies. On this question the President of the POA was absolutely clear; “To make money off the misery of others is immoral”.

A rally was held in Methodist Central Hall where the POA were joined by, among others, Matt Wrack from the FBU, Chris Baugh from PCS, Ian Lawrence from NAPO, John McDonald MP, Kevin Maguire from The Daily Mirror and NSSN Chair Rob Williams.