VIDEO: Congas on 3 COSAS picket line

Up to 100 staff, students, and their supporters joined the picket lines for the 2 day strike (27th-28th) at the University of London (UoL) organised by the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB).

NSSN supporters join 3 Cosas strikers
NSSN supporters join 3 Cosas strikers

Outsourced workers employed by Balfour Beatty were joined by their IWGB colleagues employed directly by UoL. At UoL, IWGB organises overwhelmingly Colombian, Ecuadorian, and Bolivian workers super-exploited by Balfour Beatty. Workers on the ‘3 cosas’ strike made their demands clear, “SICK PAY, HOLIDAYS, PENSIONS NOW!’ was screamed outside UoL Senate House building. IWGB en masse tried to speak directly to UoL Vice-Chancellor Adrian Smith, who so far has refused to speak to the striking workers, agree to any of their demands, or recognise their new trade union, IWGB.

Outsourced workers want equal sick, holiday, and pension rights as the rest of their UoL colleagues. UoL management are steaming ahead with plans to close the student union, University of London Union (ULU). ULU’s closure will shut down democratic structures for London students and the privatisation of the current building could threaten jobs.

UoL student residences, Garden Halls, is being closed, the slogans emblazed on banners at the strike made it clear that IWGB members want their jobs protected. IWGB members were well aware that they’re in for a sustained struggle, and will strike until they win! IWGB are on strike next week joining the national higher education strike on December 3rd with workers across education.