FBU strike over pensions 12-4 Today

Full support from the NSSN on the FBU strike today in England & Wales. Please visit picket lines, wave, honk your support!

Suz B Leyton

(Leyton Picket via Suz B & wee James)

As Martin Powell-Davies NSSN steering committee (& NUT NEC member) puts it: ‘

It’s hard enough to be expected to teach at 60+ – even harder to put out a school on fire!  If we can’t work to our full pension age, they’ll rob even more from our pensions through “early” retirement or pushing us out through ‘capability’. So solidarity to the FBU for their action today, then all out together in November!”
Nick Parker Lins FBU Sep 2013
(Nick Parker linc Picket line today)
Message below from Matt Wrack General Sec FBU

Today we engage in our first strike action on pensions. It has been a long campaign with many twists and turns. It is a complex issue as you will appreciate, and there may well still be a long way to go.

However, our members have shown remarkable unity and determination so far in putting forward a coherent and professional case, and then in returning a resounding ‘yes’ vote.

Cardiff FBU Kat 2013

(Photo by Katrine Williams NSSN Vice Chair at FBU rally Cardiff)

As members walk out today, let us stand strong and united. We are doing the right thing by standing up for decent pensions for this generation of firefighters and for those to come. We do not know what will happen, but if we remain united they will not break us.

Please take time to send support to our members in Surrey who face the added difficulty of a chief officer who seems to want to escalate this dispute by docking additional pay and by attempting to threaten and intimidate our members. They will learn that the FBU does not leave anyone isolated or leave anyone behind. The FBU’s president will be in Surrey today, bringing your support.

Stay strong. In unity”

Matt Wrack, General Secretary, Fire Brigades Union

FBU in Wales will march on Welsh Assembly over pensions

(Via Katrine Williams NSSN vice chair as she wales join FBU protest and strikers)
RMT Solidarity for safety:

Steve H RMT & FBU

Steve Hedley RMT AGS joins Euston FBU picket line

Rmt drivers refusing to take trains out on safety grounds there is no fire cover .solidarity with the FBU” RMT Guidance