TCL Miners protest over Pensions in Namibia

On Wednesday (7 Nov), Former workers for TCL in Namibia started their demonstrations outside the court in the capital Windhoek demanding the restoration of their missing pension funds. Click for march pictures
Initial reports indicate continued obstruction by the authorities. The workers have followed all correct procedures, but the police are trying to prevent them from demonstrating. In response, the workers arranged for TV and press reporters to cover the issue.
Police threatened to arrest the demonstrators and the demonstrators were prepared to defend their right to demonstrate. Things nearly came to a head about five in the evening, but fortunately a solution was reached.
The campaigners are appealing for financial help to sustain their protest. They need funds to provide food, tent shelter and sanitation. Women and children have joiined the demonstration. Donations (uregently needed) can be sent to Didhard Mparo, Chairman of the TCL Workers’ Committee, Erf 4479, Dodge Avenue, Khomasdal, Windhoek, Tel 00264 61 260 647. Their bank account is Standard Bank, Katatura branch, Windhoek, Ongopolo Employees Social Bank Account, 348016956, surplus.
Bob Archer, TCL Solidarity Group UK
Support for the TCL miners’ struggle in the UK is starting to make itself felt. Yesterday Paul Mackney, former General Secretary of the college lecturers’ union NATFHE (now UCU) and vice-chair of the CoR, wrote to the TCL workers:
“Dear Brothers and sisters
I write say that we hope you are successful in your long-lasting struggle to secure justice in your deserving cause.
We hope that you will secure a date for the hearing concerning your stolen pension money and that you manage to stop the police harassment which you’ve been facing.
It’s time to get that hearing date.
With solidarity greetings
Paul Mackney



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