Fire-fighters block Minister from attending station opening

Over 200 fire-fighters and supporters blockaded the entrance to West Norwood fire-station this afternoon to prevent the entry of Fire Service Minister Penny Mordaunt.

The protest was organised by the fire-fighters union the FBU to greet Mordaunt for the opening of the new station at West Norwood. The union wanted to highlight the hypocrisy of the Coalition in attempting to set up a feel good publicity stunt of a minster opening a new fire-station while closing 10 fire-stations in London.

Despite a heavy police presence the Minister’s car was unable to enter the station as it pulled up to the entrances. The driver was forced to roam the streets while police pushed back the fire fighters, slipping in twenty minutes later to a din of whistles and jeers.

The Minster’s misery was further compounded when rank and file staff on duty at the station refused to meet with her.