Support London bus driver’s demo

A London Bus driver

Unite London bus drivers are having a demonstration on Thursday 11th September.  We will assemble at 1100 am at Bressenden Place, SW1, near Victoria station and we will march down to Parliament.  Since privatisation twenty years ago, London Buses have been divided up between more than a dozen different operating companies.  Even within each firm there are different pay scales, terms and conditions.  We all do the same job – why should we be treated differently?

Transport for London and the bus operators have argued sector wide negotiation is not only anti-competitive but illegal.  So how come these same firms are doing exactly that with deals across regions and even whole countries in Europe?

Two years ago, London bus workers went on strike to win our £500 Olympic bonus.  Bus workers saw the unfairness, when so many other workers in London were getting a bonus.  This was one of the clearest trade union victories in recent times.  Before the one day strike they refused to give us a penny.  It’s time we built on that success.  Potentially bus workers are amongst the strongest trade unionists in the capital.

We call on bus workers and their families, friends and supporters to help make this demonstration a big boost to our campaign!