Month: August 2012

  • NSSN Bulletin 106

    NSSN Bulletin 106

    106 — For decent, affordable, accessible sport, housing, jobs & welfare! This week the attention turns from the Olympics to the Paralympics. Traditionally a much smaller event but this year is set to benefit from the coverage of the Olympics. We will all enjoy the games and what can be done, but for disabled people […]

  • Why I am lobbying the TUC for a strike against austerity!

    Why I am lobbying the TUC for a strike against austerity!

    With over 350,000 public sector workers already sacked and over one million young people on the dole, it’s terrifying to think that the vast majority of the cuts are still to come – unless we fight them! These cuts aren’t necessary. £120 billion of tax goes unpaid every year largely by big business and the […]

  • Solidarity needed in fight to save jobs (Taiwan)

    Three hundred textile workers in the Hualon Corporation’s factory in Miaoli County, Taiwan declared indefinite strike more than a month ago on 6 June. Since then they have occupied the factory for one month to stop the machines from being moved out. They are fighting for money owed on their wages and pensions going back […]

  • Why I’m lobbying the TUC for a 24-hour general strike (C&A)

    Why I’m lobbying the TUC for a 24-hour general strike (C&A)

    When my father used to tell me of the privations he endured in the 1930s depression including walking from Brighton to Aldershot in a fruitless search for work it just sounded like scary stories from history, but I can see things going back that far and further if this government isn’t challenged. It’s clear from […]

  • NSSN Bulletin 105

    Trade unionists in Britain have been stunned by the scenes of slaughter on our TV sets from the Marikana platinum mine in South Africa. For many veterans of the anti-Apartheid movement it was all too reminiscent of the massacres in Sharpeville and Soweto. But this horror turned very quickly to anger when the reports came […]

  • NSSN Bulletin 104

    I passed the newsagents this morning and saw the Daily Mirror headline – “Britain’s 20 most wanted tax dodgers”. I thought what’s this? Is the government of the rich going to finally expose their fat cat friends? But I didn’t recognise anyone on the front page. True to form, while we don’t condone tax dodging […]

  • Action For Rail Conference Manchester

    About 60 union reps, mainly from the rail unions, but also from the NHS, civil service and local government, came to the Manchester ‘Action For Rail’ conference to organise resistance to the McNulty report into the future of the railways. They were joined by trades council activist and public transport campaigners. We heard from Martin […]

  • 40 years since Pentonville

    PENTONVILLE 5 AND THE DOCK STRIKE OF 1972 –  (Two personal views of how the dockers defeated the Tories) WHAT WE CAN LEARN TODAY ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF THAT MOMENTOUS STRUGGLE 40 YEARS AGO (Laurence Humphries) 40 Years ago in the summer of 1972 new technology had revolutionised dock handling and ‘containerisation’ was in place. […]

  • Solidarity with the striking Turkish textile workers

    5,000 textile workers in Gaziantep, Turkey are taking industrial action for an indefinite period for increased pay and for a better working environment. It has been over a week since the struggle of thousands of textile workers at Gaziantep Baspinar Industrial District started for reasonable pay and work conditions. The workers at ?ireci Tekstil, Zafer […]

  • Support the Remploy fight

    Support the Remploy fight

    Article, interviews and reports For months the Con-Dem government have stated their intention to close 36 out of 54 Remploy factories across the UK. Remploy workers had already voted overwhelmingly to take strike action on 19 and 26 July to save these plants and the related jobs. Now this has added urgency because on 10 […]

  • Second strike day at Remploy factories

    Second strike day at Remploy factories

    Leeds The second day of strike action at the Leeds Remploy factory saw large numbers of pickets once again. A delegation from the PCS DWP group executive came down early on to support the strike as did members of other local trade unions. The pickets’ anger showed with chants of ‘Maria Miller Factory Killer’ directed […]

  • NSSN Bulletin 103

    It’s official. Making young people work for nothing is NOT slavery! Last week, a high court judge dismissed the case of a post-graduate, who had contested being forced to sweep floors and stack shelves 5 hours a day 5 days a week in Poundland without pay in order not to lose her Job Seekers Allowance […]