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  • NSSN 587: Railworkers strike back – support the RMT

    NSSN 587: Railworkers strike back – support the RMT

    The NSSN sends our full support to the RMT and their members as the union announces action nationally and on London Underground. And as the crisis-ridden Tories have raised bringing in even more new anti-union laws, specifically aimed at transport workers, the whole trade union movement will need to act in solidarity with the RMT…

  • Affiliate to Tamil Solidarity

    Affiliate to Tamil Solidarity

    Unique among Tamil campaigns and organisations, Tamil Solidarity puts the working class and its organisations at the centre of the struggle for Tamil rights. We stand for the right of the Tamil-speaking people in Sri Lanka to self-determination, alongside the struggle for the rights of workers and the oppressed throughout the island, regardless of their…