#WakeyFor10 – Wakefield demo April 14 #FastFoodGlobal


Joint Press statement by Wakeyfor10 and the Bakers Food and Allied workers union Britain’s food union,

For over a 150 years The Bakers food and allied workers union has sought to improve the living conditions for workers, weather that be in work or in the community The BFAWU, stands by its members,

In the 5th richest country in the world. we have a situation where workers do not have enough income coming in to have a reasonable standard of living, Many workers have to choose between eating and heating, many parents report skipping meals to feed children, Teachers report an increase in children having holes in shoes and attending lessons having not eaten, and the use of food banks as dramatically increased over the last 6 years,

This cannot go on.

GEORGE Osbornes so called Living wage of £7.20 is not enough and is actually an extension of  minimum wage, which will overall pay packages reduced, We  believe it to be discrimination against young workers to pay them less than worker over 25,

A worker under 25 could have more relevant experience than a worker over 25 and still get paid more, We also note that food, rent and clothing all cost the same regardless of age, why should there be discrimination in pay,

That’s why the BFAWU along with other unions like the GMB and community organisations are calling for a £10 an hour minimum wage for all workers regardless of age, an End to exploitative contracts

On the 14th of April we will be demonstrating in Wakefield for a £10 an hour minimum wage at 12pm at the cathedral. This will be part of an international day of action by fast food workers co-ordinated across the globe, but being led by Workers in the USA striking for $15 an hour.

We will also be meeting at the RED shed Wakefield 7pm for a Question and answer round with a striking fast food worker from the states, as well as Ian Hodson National president of the BFAWU a Local MP and fast food workers,


Statement by Ian Hodson National President of BFAWU

We are organising fast food workers for to long seen as to difficult to organise. The result has been that those in this industry have ended up with some of the worst conditions such as zero hour contracts which are now blighting so many other workplaces. Low pay in hugely profitable company’s which means these workers are reliant on in -work benefits to exist and of course the inequality young people paid less not because they are unskilled but purely because of there age. In years gone by these types of jobs where viewed as short term but that is no longer the case and they never should have been. Most people need to wake up to the fact our country has changed and where it was 1 in 4 jobs recent statistics suggest that these jobs are now accounting for 3 in every 4 created. So if we fail to improve pay and employment opportunities for those who are working in this industry we are storing up all kinds of long term problems. This campaign has given mainly young workers an opportunity to get organised and have a voice and platform to air their grievances the result has been a new layer of activists determined to improve their life chances and that of their fellow workers they are demanding a fairer society and they are committed to build a sustainable movement and trade union in their workplaces. This campaign is only at the early stages but it is now firmly rooted in to the fabric of our union and our communities change is coming.


Sign the petition: Raise the minimum wage to £10 for all workers details on BFAWU website  


Fast Food Rights protest - including BFAWU President Ian Hodson - send solidarity to Tata workers
Fast Food Rights protest – including BFAWU President Ian Hodson – send solidarity to Tata workers on April 1st protest opposite Downing St


The BFAWU is Britain’s only specialised food union,

For more information, go to BFAWU website and


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