Day-Mer statement on Ankara bombing

The NSSN took part in the demonstration on Sunday in London against Saturday’s bombing and also a press conference in TUC Congress House yesterday in solidarity with a 2-day general strike in Turkey. Below is a press release from Day-Mer  (Kurdish and Turkish Community Centre) 


The growing call for peace cannot be silenced

We stand in solidarity with the people of Turkey calling for peace and condemn the current government of Turkey for its role in these deadly attacks.


A peace and democracy rally in Ankara, Turkey was targeted on the morning of Saturday 10 October 2015, by two suicide bombs. People were simply exercising their democratic right to peaceful protest when the explosions killed over 120 innocent people and injuring over 400 people. The rally in Turkey was organised by Trade Unions and NGOs against the ruling AKP’s increasing use of violence and war as a means to suppress democratic opposition. The rally represented hope for a peace and stable Turkey in which people of all backgrounds and ethnicities can live together in unity.


In the elections held on 7th of June the ruling AKP lost some of its vote and did not get enough MPs to form a majority government. AKP refused to enter into a coalition with the other parties, prevented attempts to set up a government and secured another election to be held on 1st of November. Furthermore, ending its five year negotiations with the Kurdish political establishment, AKP started terrorising the Kurdish regions with its military and police forces. Due to the terror politics of the AKP more than 1000 soldiers, police, guerrillas and civilians (including women, elderly and children) have been killed in the last three months. In addition Turkish state has also failed to bring to justice those responsible for the explosion at the HDP rally in Diyarbakir in June or in the deadly attack against young socialists in Suruc in July.


Following these inhumane attacks the 4 trade union congresses, DİSK (Revolutionary Workers’ Unions Confederation), KESK (Public Workers’ Unions Confederation), TMMOB (Turkish Chamber of Architects and Chamber of Engineers Union) and TTB (Turkish Chamber of Doctors), in Turkey have called for a two day general strike on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th October.  On the first day of the strike, today, the call attracted thousands of workers to take active strike action in their workplace. In addition thousands of school, college and university students around the country have boycotted their classes. From the West to the East of the country, in cities such as Izmir, Ankara, Eskisehir, Mardin and Antep and many more metal, education, council, embroidery and health workers have occupied the streets for peace and democracy. In some of the worldwide known universities in Turkey, such as Middle East Technical University (ODTU) and Istanbul Technical University (ITU) students have boycotted the lessons, lecturers also took strike action in support.  In colleges and schools students dressed in black to boycott lessons. Student, workers and those who are on the side of labour, peace and democracy have filled the streets with the banners of the slogan ‘We are angry because you killed those who wanted peace, We are mourning BUT We are Revolting’.


International solidarity and togetherness in such times play a key role in the struggle of those demanding freedom and peace. We therefore call on the public and representatives of organisations to show support and solidarity with the people of Turkey.



We the members of Day-Mer, Turkish and Kurdish community in London, would like to express our condolences and deep sorrow for those who died tragically and their families. We vow to expose the faces of those who are responsible for this tragedy, namely the government. We also call all communities, democratic organisations and trade unions to voice their concerns on this matter and to join us in protesting both the AKP government who have provoked such attacks since their defeat at the last general election.


As listed below, you can send emails of protests to the government officials in Turkey and we urge you to raise this with the British public through the media, parliament and other means.

Day- Mer  (Kurdish and Turkish Community Centre)



President of Turkey  – Mr Recep Tayyip ErdoğanEmail: [email protected],

Fax 0 (312) 470 24 33

Prime Minister of Turkey – PM Ahmet Davutoğlu,Email: [email protected],

Fax: +90 312 422 26 69,