Picketing reinstates sacked construction rep

Ranks and file construction workers from the Blacklist Support Group and their supporters descended on the Canary Wharf HQ of Morgan Stanley this morning to protest the sacking of Unite rep Graham Boxall.


The building is undergoing work by the electrical contractor Phoenix, a signatory to bargaining body the Joint Industry Board (JIB). However Phoenix are breaking national collective agreements.
The firm had employed electricians through sub-contractor D&D, but JIB rules state that workers seeking to move onto direct employment and pay as you earn taxation have a right to do so. When Graham asked to be directly employed he was immediately sacked.

The protest today delivered the strongest possible message to contractors and their clients, attack our reps, break national agreements, and you will be targeted for militant action.

Following the action Graham was swiftly reinstated as reported in the Blacklist Support Group facebook page:

“Sacked unite steward Graham re-employed following meeting between Unite FTO Guy Langston and Phoenix MD Lee Compton.

Despite the threats of arrest and a High Court injunction, direct action once again beats the bosses. Rest of the trade union movement, please take notice. Ongoing protests are now suspended while Unite has ongoing negotiations about direct employment.

Many thanks to all those who supported Graham and all the construction workers who refused to cross the picket line.”