Defend our unions in Coventry City Council

Coventry City Council


Defend Our Unions


Our right to Trade Union support is being threatened!

Proposals have been submitted on behalf of Labour controlled Coventry City Council that would significantly cut the amount of time that local union officers have to act on their members’ behalf, with many unions facing a greater than 50% reduction.

This is an attack on the trade union movement locally and an attempt by the City Council to make it more difficult for the trade unions to defend their members and the public services in the City.

  • These cuts will seriously affect industrial relations within the authority.
  • They will lead to more stress and anxiety for council employees.
  • They come at a time when the Tory government is planning even greater cuts and attacks on local services as well as our members pay and conditions.
  • The cuts to facilities time will cost more money than it saves.
  • Coventry Council is attempting to force this through without following proper procedure as is dictated by our collective agreements.

The Joint Trade Unions have lodged a formal dispute with the City Council about the way it is conducting its so-called consultation and in respect of the fact that they are not following proper procedure.  This dispute has the backing of UNISON, UNITE, ATL, NASUWT, and NUT at both local authority and regional level.

  • Sign the petition on-line and share it on Facebook and Twitter
  • Check out the Facebook Page, Defend trade unions in Coventry City Council – comment ‘like’ and share
  • Send messages of support or, for more information, e-mail [email protected] Joint Chair of trade union side
  • E-mail the Labour Council Leader, Cllr Ann Lucas – [email protected]

 The joint unions are gathering support from across the city and from across the country.  Let’s keep the pressure up to get the council to negotiate properly!

 If they get away with it in Coventry then your council will be next!