Romford Sparks win after Blockade

15 electricians working for T.Clarke via an agency at the Network Rail Operating Centre construction site have won a fantastic victory. Last week, they set up a Unite shop and elected two reps as they sought direct employment with Clarkes after being the next in a long line of workers to suffer from the ‘Umbrella Scam’. ‘Coincidentally’(!) the two reps were laid off last Friday along with another worker.

In a fantastic show of solidarity, the other workers ‘cabined up’ and refused to start work. Yesterday (Sept 1) the stoppage continued with Unite officers and organisers joining rank & file workers and other activists, including the NSSN and Youth Fight for Jobs. Other workers on the site to their credit wouldn’t cross the picket line. A twitter storm soon spread the word that the stoppage would continue if the dispute wasn’t settled satisfactorily. There would also be a national campaign of protests outside T.Clarke’s offices around the country. Last night the brilliant news came out that the workers have been reinstated and everyone has been taken on directly by Clarke’s. The NSSN sends its congratulations to the Romford workers, Unite and the Rank & File