NSSN supporters back striking Tyneside Safety Glass workers

An enthusiastic NSSN meeting on July 2nd supporting striking Tyneside Safety Glass (TSG) workers raised £110 in a collection for their strike fund, with the promise of more money coming in from trade union branches. A fantastic bucket collection at NSSN conference on July 5th raised over £120 each for the strike funds of striking workers at TSG, Lambeth College and Care UK in Doncaster.

Mark Robertson, TSG shop steward, explained how the company had initially offered a 0% pay increase! Other speakers from the RMT, BFAWU and PCS gave invaluable insights into experiences from past struggles.

Speakers pointed out that on TSG’s website they praise their workforce as being an, “experienced and knowledgable team” with “specialist industry knowledge”. The website also boasts of the company’s “supportive culture” which has generated “employee loyalty”.

However, on the picket line TSG strikers have mentioned increased bullying from the management. This has included a well-respected worker being sacked last week. His crime was to leave the factory floor for a few minutes to move his car within the factory grounds so someone else could park there car up. The union is fighting this dismissal.

Earlier in the day strikers joined Unite community activists in a demonstration against benefit sanctions and will also be joining public sector workers on their10 July rally in Newcastle. By going to these events the strikers have demonstrated they understand the importance of working class unity.

Please send messages of support to 07761 421 607, and donations to Tyneside Social Fund: account number 20317689; sort code 08-60-01