NAPO affiliates to the NSSN

NSSN Chair sent a letter of thanks to NAPO General Secretary Ian Lawrence for his union becoming the eighth national union to affiliate to the NSSN.

Hi Ian

I’m delighted to be able to acknowledge the affiliation of NAPO to the National Shop Stewards Network. We look forward to building our relationship with your union. We are happy to speak at any NAPO meetings to explain any role the NSSN can play in building support and solidarity for your members. We also want to offer a standing invitation for a member of NAPO to attend our national steering committee meetings – the next one is on April 12th in London.

Please feel free to use our communication resources to publicise your events and disputes. We have a website, facebook group and are on twitter. We also have a weekly e-bulletin that goes out to thousands of union reps and activists.

Finally, our 8th annual national conference is on Saturday July 5th in Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL. It is open to any of your members. I’ll send you more information about this event shortly.

Thanks again.

In solidarity

Rob Williams – NSSN national chair