Support the 33 sacked RMT London Underground agency workers

From Rob Williams, NSSN Chair

Hi comrades,

The campaign of the 33 sacked RMT London Underground (LUL) agency workers goes on. Yesterday they set up a soup kitchen outside LUL’s HQ in St James Park station.

The union is stepping up the campaign. Please spread the word throughout the movement to get donations to their hardship fund – make cheques out to ‘RMT London Transport Regional Council’ c/o Defend the 33, RMT Unity House, 39 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD.

To get one of the workers to your union branch / trades council and/or send messages of support – contact RMT London Transport regional secretary John Reid [email protected] / 07748760261.

This is from RMT London’s website :-

Trainpeople Workers Open Soup Kitchen

Tue, 15/01/2013 – 17:15

Press release

33 RMT London Underground “Trainpeople” staff – who face the prospect of dismissal this week – took their demo right to the heart of the company that treated them so appallingly today.

The sacked workers and their supporters were at St James Park station on Tuesday 15th January at 8am where they set up a soup kitchen to highlight their plight and build public and political support for their fight for jobs and justice.

London Underground inherited a contract with the Trainpeople agency from Silverlink in 2007. In breach of agreements with unions, for five years LU continued to use agency staff in LU uniform while Trainpeople paid them as little as £6.75 per hour. Trainpeople staff joined RMT and organised for equal rights with permanent staff as stipulated in the 2010 Agency Worker Regulations. Then, without warning, LU terminated its contract with the Trainpeople Agency a year early leaving these staff without jobs.

The staff and their supporters are determined to win them jobs and justice.