London bus strike in video and pictures

Bus workers in Unite in London are taking historic strike action today – for one rate for the job across all 18 companies. Strikers know this might have to be just the start and are ready for a big fight, but what a start! Picket lines of 70, 100 and more, maintained all day. And the roads – gridlock before dawn.

London mayor Boris Johnson claims a third of the service is running but that’s complete rubbish – reports around the picket lines are that only 10% of the service is running, if that. Public support is really high – you know you’re in the vicinity of a bus garage well before you get there, from the horns and cheers.


Meeting for busworkers to build the strikes (called by rank & file drivers)

5pm-7pm Friday January 16th

Lucas Arms 245A Gray’s Inn Road




Map here



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