From Italy: solidarity to London bus workers!

We workers in local public transport and from the National Coordinating Committee of Local Public Transport Workers would like to express our full solidarity with your struggle. In Italy we are experiencing the same problems.  Our national contract has not been renewed for years, our wages have stagnated and governments of all political persuasion carry out policies of cuts and privatisation at the expense of workers. In September some of us participated in a video conference with a Greek transport worker who explained to us how public transport in Athens is being dismantled. We believe that international solidarity between workers is a fundamental factor in making us stronger, and therefore we support your demand for a single public transport contract, decent wages and a properly financed and democratically managed public transport system. And we will do all we can to publicise your struggle with Italian workers.

Coordinamento Nazionale Lavoratori Trasporto Pubblico Locale

Luigi Minghetti GTT Torino, Michele Schifone USB GTT Torino, Massimiliano Milazzo USB GTT Torino, Francesco Chianale FAST GTT Torino, Graziano Reppucci GTT Torino, Cristian Bizzi USB GTT Torino, Francesco Costa pensionato GTT Torino, Andrea Pirisi USB GTT Torino, Giuseppe Stefanelli USB GTT Torino, Andrea Porpiglia USB GTT Torino, Massimilano Marino USB GTT Torino, Luca Petrini GTT Torino, Giacomino Ubertalli CGIL GTT Torino

Vincenzo Lucchese USB ANM Napoli, Marco Sansone USB ANM Napoli, Adolfo Vallini USB ANM Napoli, Maria Piacevole USB ANM Napoli, Maria Aprovitola USB ANM Napoli, Antonio Barbato USB ANM Napoli, Cristiano Stochel USB ANM Napoli, Achille Riccardo Mastrojanni USB ANM Napoli, Luigi Izzo USB ANM Napoli, Luca Iorio USB ANM Napoli, Alfredo Mario Marsiglia USB ANM Napoli, Maria Autiero USB ANM Napoli, Francesco De Vita USB ANM Napoli, Giovanni Ippolito USB ANM Napoli, Antonio Morra USB ANM Napoli, Ciro Panariello ANM Napoli

Simone Solari USB AMT Genova, Pietro Masnata USB AMT Genova, Efisio Nivoi USB AMT Genova

Massimo Tonelli, USB ATP Genova

Alessandro Nannini, Cobas ATAF Firenze

Walter Sforzini USB ATAC Roma

Antonio Zantonini, ATM Milano

Carlo Cataldi, Cobas AMAT Palermo