Justice for Doncaster Eddie Stobart/Tesco drivers

From Unite the union:

In July 2012 Tesco transferred 184 drivers to Eddie Stobarts at their distribution centre in Doncaster. Less than six months later 184 drivers were out of work. The drivers’ union, Unite, has continued to support the drivers including pursuing legal action for unfair dismissal and insufficient consultation. As part of the legal process we have seen documents which show that Tesco and Stobarts were in discussions regarding the redundancies well in advance of the transfer. Our members didn’t stand a chance.

We are here today to demonstrate that Unite members will not lie down and let Tesco and Stobarts get away with this exploitation. We want you to know what kind of organisations these are that value profits over people and care nothing for the law.

Our members are seeking nothing but justice. We want to see these employers brought to task so that other workers do not have to suffer the same fate as 184 drivers in Doncaster.

You can make a difference by being a member of Unite and standing shoulder to shoulder with the Doncaster drivers and demand justice. You could also let Tesco and Stobarts know your views by contacting them direct through Twitter #DoncasterDrivers to @Tesco @Tescomedia
@WilliamStobart @StobartGroup