EDF strike days announced – while company branding melts in the sun!

EDF Energy have just spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on rebranding their vans with the image of their mascot “Zingy”. But this is fast turning into a public relations disaster. Drivers have pointed out that the new colour resembles baby pooh. If this were not bad enough, some drivers have been instructed not to park under direct sunlight for fear of damaging this glorious piece of artwork! This company, which has increased energy bills for customers by 10%, has been refusing to pay out on an agreement it made with the unions in 2012, because it says it got its sums wrong and can not afford to honour the deal. Leaving aside the obvious question on whether it gets its sums right when calculating customer bills, this sorry excuse simply does not wash – and the truth has indeed now come out in the wash. The company latter admitted that they only signed the 2012 agreement at the last minute to avoid strike action.

For 2013, the company offered a below inflation proposal of 2% plus £200 as a one off payment, which Unite members in London, South East, South Western and Eastern regions have rejected. These members, following a 77% majority yes vote in a strike ballot will be taking strike action on 6th and 8th May.

Appallingly, the company are trying to set customers against the workers by claiming that the cost of an increased pay rise will be passed on to customers. Yet this concern for the welfare of customers is woefully absent when the company is raising prices in the chase for profits.

Unite is determined to win this dispute – we can not allow employers to get away with signing up to agreements with no intention of honouring them.

Messages of support please via [email protected]  Please also look out for details of picket lines to be announced in the next few days.