Turkey solidarity appeal from Day-Mer

Dear NSSN supporters,

I am writing to ask for the support of NSSN, once again, for the people of Turkey against police and state attack on its people.

Oktay Sahbaz from Turkish and Kurdish group Day-Mer speaking at this year's NSSN Conference
Oktay Sahbaz from Turkish and Kurdish group Day-Mer speaking at this year’s NSSN Conference

Police attacks and state terror by the Turkish government on its own people is continuing. On Monday, 8th July 2013 members of the public wanted to enter the Gezi Park after it has reopened. At this point for unknown reason police have decided to close the park and arrest 60 people, 35 of them who are representives of the Taksim Solidarity Group. Once arrested these people were made kept in coaches for hours, without any food, water and medication. They were all made to wait for the three specially authorized prosecutors who were assigned to question the detainees, and their houses were searched unlawfully and without a clear definition of an offence. Whilst using their right to remain silent the detainees were expected to face the prosecutor but their detention period has now been extended by further 72 hours. This witch-hunting that started following the Gezi Park resistance shows that the AKP government is insistent on attacking those who demand democratic rights.

We are urging for international support for the release of all 60 people who were unlawfully arrested. We are on this note asking you to email the below text to the following emails as a matter of urgency:

Turkish Republic Prime Minister: [email protected]

Turkish Republic Interior Minister: [email protected]

Turkish Republic Justice Minister: [email protected]

Governor of Istanbul: [email protected]


Please send a copy (bcc) to Day-Mer: [email protected]


Thank you in advance for your support,

Oktay Sahbaz

Day-Mer Management Committee