Save our Community Services!

On Monday  19th November at Coopers Hill we held a successful Public Meeting, with 30 people attending. The purpose of the meeting was to publicise the Peoples Consultation and to explain our opposition to the PCT Consultation which is urging people to support proposals to close services at Heatherwood Hospital. Speakers from the platform outlined the reasons for opposing the closure of the Minor Injuries Unit, the Rehab. Ward and the Birthing Centre.
Chaired by Val Pearce from DOCS the speakers were Margery Thorogood, Spike Humphrey and Terry Pearce all members of Save Heatherwood Hospital Campaign, the speakers were from Bracknell, Ascot,  Windsor and Slough all representing local community  concerns at the proposed closures. The audience were urged to fill in the official questionnaire, responding NO – NO – NO to the three proposals. Many people have already signed up to the SHH Peoples Consultation, 275 in Bracknell alone, with more in Ascot, Windsor and Slough.
Speakers from the audience expressed concern at the proposed closures, many of whom were born at Heatherwood others with children born there, if the Birthing Centre closes it will mean longer journeys for mothers. Likewise fears were expressed that if the Rehab. Ward closes, patients could become isolated in their own homes due to lack on funding and resources in the community. As for the proposed closure of the Minor Injuries Unit people cannot understand the logic of closing a well equipped and popular service.
The meeting was a success and is the first of a series of public meetings, further meetings will be held in Ascot and Windsor. Everyone was agreed that we must continue the fight to save services at Heatherwood Hospital.
Terry Pearce Chair DOCS
NSSN Steering Goup