London’s new tube line – tax dodging disgrace

Below we republish a leaflet from unite on the construction of crossrail.

Unite Crossrail flyer

Unite construction workers –
London’s new tube line – tax dodging disgrace

London’s new 18 billion pound tube line, Crossrail is costing taxpayers double the cost of the Olympics. Yet tax avoidance scams by the contractors building it are rife and serious health and safety concerns for construction workers are ignored.

Crossrail bosses are doing nothing to stop tax payers potentially losing millions of pounds by contractors who are using corrupt agencies to dodge tax.

Crossrail bosses are doing nothing to stop contractors from sacking workers who raise concerns over safety. Building deep underground tunnels is highly dangerous but trade union health and safety reps are locked out of sites.

Tell Crossrail London underground passengers want an end to tax avoidance and a safe environment for construction workers.
Email [email protected]