Lobby the TUC – Strike against austerity!

BREAKING NEWS: 9.9.2012 3.25pm

At the NSSN rally before we continued to do our final lobby of the TUC, it was announced, to cheers, that UNISON would be supporting the motion at TUC for a general strike. This was in addition to the GMB & NAPO. 

More reports and details of what we are planning next will be up in the next few days!


On thursday at the TUC general council members voted 16-16 whether to support the POA motion for a general strike! Then this morning, Unite General Secretary Len MCluskey, “I will certainly be supporting a call for co-ordinated strike action over pay,” said McCluskey, whose union has 1.5 million members including 250,000 public sector workers.” All the more reason to come to the lobby of the TUC this Sunday in Brighton!


Janice Godrich, PCS President congratulatedthe 80,000 who booed George Osborne in the Paralympics yesterday. They were speaking for the vast majority of ordinary people in this country who are sickened by this cabinet of millionaires making us pay for the bankers’ crisis. Like me they were also sickened by the hypocrisy of Atos being used to sponsor an event for Paralympic athletes while being used by the government to steal benefits off the sick and disabled.” And encouraged everyone to, ‘come on the TUC demonstrations against Cameron’s austerity on October 20th and help us get a million on the streets of London, Glasgow and Belfast. And what would really send a message to this divided coalition is if next week’s TUC conference passed motions that the cuts to pay, pensions, jobs and services would be met by the type of co-ordinated strike action we saw last November when 2 million went on strike.”

Bob Crow, RMT general Secretary, added his support to the call for a strike against austerity, at the Burston strike school rally,  “It’s 98 years since Burston yet the same attacks are taking place now. We should be doing what the Spanish workers have done and the Greek workers have done and have a general strike.” NSSN officers met with Bob Crow last week and he clearly supported the need for this action as a strategy against the cuts and will  be supporting the Prison Officers Association motion at TUC over the possibility of a general strike.

Add your own reasons why you think we should be lobbying and striking here! SIGN THE PETION here!

Assemble 1pm at The Level park – Union Road, Brighton BN2 for march at 1.30pm to Brighton Conference Centre and then rally at Metropole Hotel, on the seafront, including Bob Crow, RMT general secretary, Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary, Steve Gillan, POA general secretary, Remploy reps and more!


Full Transport details:

Birmingham and Coventry Coach from Birmingham and Coventry for lobby of TUC. Leaves Priory Queensway, Birmingham 8am, Coventry Sports Centre, Fairfax Street 8.30am. Returns from Brighton 5pm. Ring Clive on 07771 931185 for further info

Brighton & South East [email protected] 07894716095

Bristol leaving Bristol at 8am from Anchor Road by @Bristol ontact [email protected]

East Midlands – Dave Gorton [email protected]

Eastern – Steve Glennon [email protected]

Hampshire –  Dave Boyes 07833 412757

Huddersfield – Mike Forster 07887668740

Hull  details tbc – Mike Whale 07528780098

Leeds 6.30 – Kevin Pattison 0707962867034

London -Meet at 10.45 London Bridge for Train. £5 return available via 07977 132391 or [email protected] . Or from Uxbridge info and tickets 07977 132 391 or [email protected]

North West Contact Andy Ford, 07742 417 862, [email protected]

Sheffield  7:30am contact Alistair Tice 07706710041

Southampton – Graham O’Reilly 07578 331537

Portsmouth – Chris Pickett 07707 039071

Totnes & Newton Abbot inibus leaving Totnes 8am, pick up in Newton Abbot. ntact Alex Moore [email protected] tel 01803 868713

Wales – Tumbl 5am Llanelli Town Hall – 5.20am Swansea railway station – 5.45am Cardiff Museum – 6.30amContact  Ronnie Job [email protected] 07963 454 041

Contact [email protected] if your area is not listed above