Fight to End the Blacklist


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Three years ago the government’s own Information Commissioner’s Office revealed a conspiracy by 40 of the UK’s biggest construction companies. This conspiracy was to deliberately deny more than 3000 construction workers their legal right to secure work. This human rights abuse continues now.

I am one of those blacklisted workers. Like so many others, I was placed on the blacklist for raising health and safety concerns in the most dangerous industry in the country. But I have fought this. My personal fight was what involved the Information Commissioner when I spent 2½ years outside a huge hospital project from which I was unfairly victimised and sacked.

I secured work on the Fiddlers Ferry power station but after only 16 weeks I was again unfairly dismissed because of the blacklist. I have fought ever since and I am now 3½ years outside the gates highlighting this conspiracy that ruins lives.

Every trade unionist should be involved in opposing this victimisation of fellow trade unionists. Please support my crucial fight continuing at Fiddlers by making a donation to the hardship fund at the details below.

MAKE A DONATION: cheques payable to “The Fiddlers Ferry Hardship Fund” and sent to 13 Thompson Close, Denton, M34 2PQ. All donations received gratefully with thanks, and receipted.

SEND PROTESTS: email Scottish & Southern on [email protected]  write General Manager, Fiddlers Ferry Power Station, Fiddlers Ferry Road, WA5 2UT  send copies to [email protected]

MORE INFO: ring 07949 335 390  facebook support steve acheson