RMT cleaners Trans Pennine Express strike

Warrington Trades Council was pleased to help RMT members employed as cleaners on the Trans-Pennine Express route as they leafleted passengers outside Warrington Central station on Saturday.

The cleaners were on strike against the rock-bottom pay and conditions offered by Carlisle Cleaning and Support Services, their employer. One particular bone of contention is the 25p per hour attendance bonus which is withdrawn if an employee has even one day off in the month – even if it is annual leave!

Not surprisingly RMT secured a big majority for the strike and has built membership by campaigning – some of those leafleting had only been members for a matter of months or even weeks. Nevertheless they were keen and motivated, and got a good reception, with many passengers wishing them well and decrying the way things are now – rock bottom for hard working cleaners, while the company books ever-increasing profits on the back of their hard work. (Andy Ford, Warrington Trades Council-17th July 2012)